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Recent Projects…117″ Round Dining Table with a “Mother of Pearl” Inlay

At Italy by Web we have been busy on a number of different projects that we have been working on with our clients. Often times we are asked to work on a home interior project with another Interior Designer or Architect/Builder where we will design and customize the furniture for their clients home. Recently, we completed one of these projects and thought we would share some pictures before the furniture shipped from Italy.

A couple things about the project….

  • Our client asked if we would build a 117″ Round Dining Table with a special “Mother of Pearl” inlay. They wanted the top of the table to be one piece. typically, large round dining tables of this size are in two pieces. This allows the owner to move it more easily and most homes can’t accommodate such a large table to fit through doorways. This table requires a ten-foot doorway – most doorways are about 6.5′ to 8′ high.
  • A large sideboard, A large china cabinet, and two Demi/half moon cabinets to match the mother of pearl inlay on the table.

Thanks to The Marconi Family in Italy for creating these handcrafted gems!

IMG_0564IMG_0563 IMG_0561 (1) IMG_0565 IMG_0568