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Another table, lovingly hand, and custom-made, just for her

In a past post on the unexpected role molluscs were playing in our Italian furniture of late, I showed off some new mother of pearl inlays that our Italian suppliers had added to their 2013 collections, and had also displayed at the recent Milan furniture fair. Well, those striking inlays caught the eye of one client who shortly thereafter asked that we custom make a 12′ dining table featuring just such an inlay.

The story of this particular table is worth sharing because it highlights several of the things that make our furniture special: this table was completely specified to suit the client — from size to inlay design/color to each aspect of the finishing — in a collaborative effort involving the client, her designer, and our Italian supplier. And because it was urgently needed by the client, even with that level of custom creation we’re still on target to deliver the table within 6-7 weeks of order. Finally, because this special table was lovingly created just for our client, our supplier was very proud to show off some of their work-in-progress which we in turn were very pleased to be able to share with our client.

From client vision, to a fully realized Italian dining table. That’s ItalyByWeb.