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Classic Italian Furniture – Another Custom Table

One of my favorite examples to illustrate our classic Italian furniture work is when we’re able to show a completely custom project from start to finish — from concept, to samples, to completed custom table.

Just today in Italy we loaded one such shining example. We worked hand in hand with the designer on this project, starting with this photograph of a table that the client already had in their home:

With that in mind, we had two full scale samples of the table corner produced and expedited to the client, showing two different interpretations of the design and two different finishing options.

In our continued close work with the designer, we were better able to zero in on the client’s vision for the table (and pickup some things missed in the inlay samples): client definitely wanted feathered mahogany in the center, and a more strongly grained wood at the perimeter; also from the samples, it became clear that client appreciated the light on dark effect in the interior band’s vine motif.

Another key detail the designer and client wanted integrated into their custom table was a particular pedestal design. You can see the original inspiration on the left and the lovingly hand-carved new table’s pedestal (replete with hand applied gold leaf detailing) on the right:

With all of the designer and client design input clearly articulated, our incredible Italian craftsmen were able to hand produce the entire table seen above in a mere five weeks. And along the way, we were even able to share images with the client of their inlay being hand made.

Looking for classic Italian furniture? We can do this same magic for you…

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